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The music, and the bee buzz, was great, thanks for your hard work, Lady S!

The logo is fantastic!



Thank you so much Lady Selah Sujuris, this is the best news I've heard and I'm super excited for this moment. Its my hope that the music will help with the change that happens with in the hearts and minds of the world. I'm forever grateful to you and Storytellers Campfire and the DJ that I heard who was moved to tears after feeling the vibrations of the songs.  Peace and Love, Mikal Shakur


Thank you for attending past “Bluegrass from the Forest” Bluegrass

Duane Wilson-Greg Linder
Bluegrass from the Forest


I cant tell you how absolutely heart warming this message felt to me.  Thank you so much for an amazing commercial for the show.

Suzanne Gregory


2014 - 2015  Letters and Emails


The show just blew us away! I never in my life expected - or even hoped - to get coverage like this! Lady Selah is a brilliant interviewer and it was so exciting to be able to share my book with friends in the US.
Thank you all so much!
Jane Ryan

Storytellers ,

Thank you, they all sound great! 
Really good commercials.
Don Winn

Dear Storytellers,

We were happily  surprised to hear tonight the name "Poland Adieu" featured on the show  of the Award Nominees.

My father, Bogdan, who is so weak now cannot hold a phone or even a glass of water, but will  be honored to know tomorrow in France through my mother's voice by his bedside that his work is appreciated,  and that the story of his hardship will be passed on from one generation to the next.

I just feel sad to be so far away from him and not feeling his surprise, and last minute of happiness.

Thank you for the nomination,



Hi Lady Selah!

I cannot thank you enough for such a prestigious award and wonderful recognition. I am honored and touched and look forward to continuing this journey with you.

The award will displayed on my mantle in my library.

With tremendous gratitude,
Michael Phillip Cash

Hello Lady Selah and everyone at Storytellers Campfire!

The mail just arrived at my doorstep (hand-delivered by the mail man because he needed a signature). I'm so very happy -- the beautiful Marble Award you honored me with for Losing Elizabeth arrived. It is absolutely wonderful -- the design, engraving -- everything. I love it and will cherish it always. I am deeply grateful for the honor you bestowed upon me/Losing Elizabeth and for the physical award as well. 

I hope your summer has been enjoyable and that you are well.



Thank you Isabella for choosing Captain No Beard books!   I plan on listening to the broadcast tonight. You are a special girl and I am so proud to include you as part of the crew!

Carole P. Roman

Thanks Charlie, I enjoyed the interview too.  I'll have to get cracking on the third Sir Kaye book. :-)

2013 Letters, Emails

Storytellers Campfire,
Thank you for the nice recommendation. I'm looking forward to being on your show again. Just let me know when.  

Don M. Winn

Cardboard Box Adventures


Dear Lady Selah,

Thank you so much for the wonderful certificate presented to Captain No Beard for Worldwide Literacy.  It means so much.

I think you do a great job of bringing new authors to the forefront of attention.  I love being associated with your fine organization.

Hope to hear from you soon!




Jules Sowder



THANK YOU!  We appreciate the opportunity and the excellent interview.  It was a pleasure for Dr. Webster!

Dear Kathleen Mosley,

I wanted to write a small thank you note to you.

Yet I am so thankful for your gentle manner and easy to talk to personality.

You made me feel comfortable and your skill at leading someone through the show with patience was very much appreciated.

No matter what comes next in regards to talking to someone about my book 'committing to lonely', I want you to know that because of you I now feel confident to continue to move forward with it.

Thank you so much Kathleen, I know that you are a gift of an interviewer to anyone that is fortunate enough to have you interview them.

Also please thank Storytellers Campfire for the wonderful opportunity they gave me to not only have my story 'read' but a voice heard along with it.

Sincerely appreciative,

Pamela Grace


Kathleen Allen

Jan 21, 2013

Dear Lady Selah SuJuris,

    I would like to thank for all you did for me and my book. I was so nervous and you were so helpful and kind. I appreciate the time and effort you put in on my behalf. It was a pleasure to meet you over the phone. I loved your program with the music and how you introduced singers and writers and all. You took great care and respect in their talents and accomplishments. You showed me the same kindness. Thank you again and the Lord prosper you and your program as you reach out to others and give encouragement to people and their talents and share the good you find.


Kathleen Allen

Author of Poetry As Seen Through The Eyes of Kathleen In A Mormon Sort of Way 

Nancy Lorraine

Jan 15, 2013

Thank you again, Lady Selah, for inviting me to be on Storytellers and for being my host.  You made it quite easy for me.  I see where some of the authors donate books and I wondered if we could donate a couple for children?   Should I just send them to Storytellers address?

Nancy Lorraine

The Butterfly Adventure



Carole P. Roman

Jan 12, 2013

Good morning Lady Selah,

I just want to thank you for including me in Story Tales.  I am having a blast and anytime you need an extra voice, I will be delighted to help out.  I think you are doing a wonderful service to the public and I am so happy that we have "found" each other.


Author of Captain No Beard 



 Hi Storytellers Campfire,

 Congratulations!  Your show has been selected to appear in the Staff Picks section of BlogTalkRadio's homepage starting on Tuesday, January 8 at 12AM EST

Look out for it then and don't forget to let your audience know that your show was featured on BlogTalkRadio.

Best Regards,



Captain of The Seas

Sun, Oct 14, 2012 at 3:38 PM, Wilbur H. Vantine 


I thank you very much for the fine interview that you conducted with me regarding my book, "Some Nautical Tales", on October 7th, 2012.  

Captain Wilbur H. Vantine

Author of Nautical Tales 

McAllen, TX  


All the Way From New South Wales


From: john wright <[email protected]>

Date: 21 September 2012 8:33:11 AM AEST

To: Storytellers Campfire <[email protected]com>

Subject: Re: Show


Thanks Lady Selah. 

It was a joy to be on your show and thanks too for all the wonderful comments you made about the poems in CHESHIRE BORN.

I hope you have received good feedback from your audience.  Diena was overjoyed you chose GEMS to begin our interview. 

(She said now she realizes she is married to a 'real' poet!)   I'm especially interested to read about your intuitive reaction on first seeing GEMS (if you wish to share). 


For any of your listeners requesting contact details, I'm happy for my email to be provided to them:     [email protected]

 and they may write to me at:  CHESHIRE BORN, PO Box 292*, OURIMBAH, NEW SOUTH WALES  2258, AUSTRALIA

 Best wishes and blessings to you and your team



Youngest Author Interviewed on Storytellers Campfire

Dear Sandi,


This was my first time on a radio show, and I was very impressed with Storytellers Campfire. The show's enthusiasm for literature is a great encouragement for kids to utilize their creativity through reading and writing. The questions directed at me were professional and genuinely expressed an interest in my work. It was a wonderful experience for me. Thank you so much for the interview and chance to talk about my book on your radio show!


Kesmine Hickman


2012 Letters, Comments


 Hello Lady Selah,

Thanks for having me on the show.  Here are a couple of links that your audience may be looking for ...

This is the link to buy my book from the publisher's Web site:

Here is a link to a Listmania list that listeners can use to order the book, along with a set of the ingredients that are in the recipes:

It was a joy to be on your show.  I was so impressed with all the great books that are coming out and how you highlight them for both children and adults. It's great to have a forum where author's can speak about their work and the passion that drove us to write and publish a book.

Best regards,
Jennifer De Vries
Author of "No Whites" Baking Book: How To Make Baked Goods Without White Flour or White Sugar

2012 Letters, Email

Mon, Aug 20, 2012 at 10:23 AM

Hi Lady Selah,


Just notes to thank you for helping this rookie overcome her nervousness over my first live interview.  Talk about teamwork!  You are the essence of what I was discussing last night.  Not only were your questions spot on, you interview with a keen eye for insight and relevance.


I am so glad that my first professional interview was conducted by such a consummate professional.


I love the theme of family, reading and communication.


I look forward to sharing my next book with you.


Best wishes,


Carole P. Roman



August 11, 2012


Storytellers Campfire,

                                 Looks like you're getting popular!


Thank You!
The BlogTalk Radio Team


August 9, 2012


Hello Ms. Coultas,


I had a fantastic time on your program last night, and I just wanted to let you know how very much I appreciate being given this wonderful opportunity.  Thank you, thank you for noticing Losing Elizabeth and not only being interested in it but finding it worthy of Storytellers Campfire.  This is exactly why I wrote it -- to have the message be heard and to increase awareness about the dangers of abusive relationships.  I am so happy that you and the others at Storytellers Campfire liked it enough to invite me onto your show.  You have been great to work with during this process, and Lady Selah is an outstanding and very talented host.  She put me at ease and helped me be natural!


Tanya Peterson




Dear Selah,


The Society of Professional Journalists, the nation’s largest and most broad-based journalism organization is excited to announce that the2012 SPJ Awards are open for nominations. SPJ’s national awards honor journalists who have made significant contributions to journalism, the First Amendment and public service.


Ethics in Journalism

Honors journalists or news organizations that perform in an outstanding ethical manner demonstrating the ideals of the SPJ Code of Ethics. It also honors especially notable efforts to educate the public on principles embodied in the code or hold journalists ethically accountable for their behavior.


First Amendment Award

Recognizes individuals and groups for extraordinarily strong efforts to preserve and strengthen the First Amendment.


Sunshine Award

Recognizes individuals and groups for making important contributions in the area of open government.


Distinguished Teaching in Journalism

Honors an outstanding journalism educator who has made a significant contribution to the profession and/or journalism education and to maintaining the highest standards of the profession.


Fellows of the Society

Presented to journalists for extraordinary contributions to the profession.


Keep up the good work.

 SPJ Communications Manager



White House AI/AN News Conference/Events

 February 14, 2012


Hi Selah. Senior Obama Administration officials will hold a news conference in Shelton on Wednesday at 12:30 p.m. to discuss President Obama’s education goals and American Indian and Alaska Native students. The news conference will take place before leaders of the White House AI/AN Initiative discuss expanding educational opportunities with tribal leaders that afternoon. Please share the details in the news advisory below with others at Storytellers Campfire Radio - and let me know if we should reserve space for you at the news conference or to cover parts of the tribal meeting, or if you’d like to interview a Senior Administration officials to discuss more about the effort. Thanks. –Toby.



January 19, 2012

Dear Selah,

Do you have ten minutes to spare this week? That’s about how long it takes to enter the Sigma Delta Chi Awards, the national journalism contest presented by the Society of Professional Journalists.

Considering all the benefits of receiving an SDX Award, including national recognition, distinction in a competitive job market and a classy plaque, it’s hard to think of a reason not to enter. Winners will be featured in SPJ’s Quill magazine and honored at a banquet at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., this July.

Good luck!

SPJ Communications Coordinator

2011 Letters, Emails



Hi Lady Selah- 

It was a pleasure being on the show, thank you!

All the best, 

Sarah Gilbert
3101 Hillsborough Street
Raleigh, NC 27607



Lady Selah,


Thanks again for having me on your show.  You made it very easy, comfortable and enjoyable for me.  Hopefully, it will help get the message out to all who are frustrated and searching for a way to hit the reset button in their lives to TurboCharged mode.

 Best wishes,




Dick Weaver




Lady Selah,


Just wanted to say a quick thank you for last night's interview with Marc Freden.  He enjoyed it thoroughly 

Again, many thanks…he really did have a good time.


 Dick Weaver

President, PR Works



July 28, 2011


Subject: Re: Bogdan Broniewski's interview


Hello Lady Selah,

Even though it was big time difference in France it worked out just fine.

Thank you so much.



Dear Lady Selah,

Thanks for the great interview with Jason Lethcoe last week!



Good day Lady Selah,


Thank you for inviting me to participate in your Literary Show, Storytellers Campfire. I hope that my participation will elicit a favorable response from your target audience and thus contribute my quota towards encouraging people to read and experience more through reading and writing.


You have my best regards.


Jekwu Ozoemene

May 9, 2011


Hi Lady Selah,
I was very pleased at how things went with the interview even though it was late. It was God who set the time for that show because someone out there needed to hear what I went through at that particular time-so for that I'm grateful. You were a great host and you made me feel very comfortable speaking to you and your audience. I look forward to doing this again in the future. 
I am also requesting the link for the show so I can post it on my website. Thanks again and God bless.

Anthony Willingham

May 1, 2011




Greta Pedersen

2009 National Artist of the Year


That was fun! You do a wonderful job and it's a pleasure to work with you.






Hi Lady Selah - David had a great time on your show this weekend.  

Thanks so much!

Book David Schmahmann, for Ivory From Paradise





Hi Selah,

Next week the National League of Cities (NLC) will hold its 2011 Congressional City Conference, March 12-16.  The conference is NLC’s annual legislative meeting providing local officials the opportunity to lobby Congress on federal priorities that are most important to their communities. Local officials will have the opportunity to hear from Congressional representatives and Administration officials about what is being done to address issues affecting local communities across the country.

Confirmed speakers include:

·      First Lady Michelle Obama

·      Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan

·      Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood

·      US Senator Mark Begich (D-AK)

Spokane Councilmember Nancy McLaughlin and Tacoma Councilmember Victoria Woodards, will be available from the conference to discuss the conference and what knowledge they will bring back to Seattle communities from the conference.

Below is the release for your review.  Let me know if I can set you up with an interview!


Lucia Executive NEWS




Good afternoon Lady Selah,


    I wanted to comment about the show that you did this last Sunday; I was truly informed about information that you gave on the "Fertile Crescent". It was different. I wanted to say that the format you used was interesting for many different reasons.


   One reason was that you gave this from a different point of view to many listeners who have never heard of this account and they're having to get their bibles and looking up the information along with you.

   Second reason is, that you’re getting the audience involved with this and asking their comments about this subject, which in its self is a huge subject for many people. But I like how you put these Ideas into from the different Historians, Writers, and others who have contributed their work on this Idea of the "Fertile Crescent".

    Third reason is how that you asked Questions of the listeners on "Was the Garden of Eden a real Place? And about the 4 Rivers that were around this area and where these are now. When god; (Jehovah) put man and woman into the garden to cultivate it and that many of the peoples at that time where Hunters and Gathers.

You’re really showed from all angles about this story and I for one am impressed!!!

Can't wait for the next one...





Hoo Rah, Hoo Rah, & Hoo Rah .... nothing like informative and educational to excite the pulse of a large majority of us in society.  A life dedicated to learning is an active life.

If you didn't know or couldn't read between the lines, I am happy for you for your nomination for your show.

George Snyder



Dear Lady Selah,

I wish to convey my enthusiasm as a participant of the Manson Event. Starting with the morning walk-through, it was met with beneficial counsel from your professional staff. The venue set the stage for writers and readers to achieve a more comfortable interview, relieving our nervousness. The assigned talent proved to be entertaining and educational-a nice mix of genres. A wonderful activity, which encouraged writers to continue with their respective processes.

I was inspired by your staff and other artists, proving that my work does have value. Since the program I have enlisted a publisher to produce two of my children’s books: “A Raven’s Call” and “You Can Grow Old with Me”. My screenplays are in the hands of a professional critic. The poems “Baton” and “End of the Wind” are being competitively reviewed.

Storytellers Campfire philosophies and goals to promote literature are exceptional. A program that I endorse and will further support.

Thank your staff for a job well done.


Peace within,

Cie Marchi

I enjoyed immensely, the experience of being interviewed by Lady Selah SuJuris regarding my story telling. I felt comfortable with the crew, who did their part in making me feel at home, and the warm, relaxed, manner in which Lady Selah conducted my interview made the experience one that I felt at home in doing. I can only add on to the adage that every one has a story to tell, as you, who ever you are, are a story in the making as you go through life.  The initial invitation from Lady Selah caught me at a time I was just starting to compile my research and write my family history that by the way included my personal memoirs.  The experience at the studio, facilitated both of those activities and has been an inspiration for me to continue.

George Snyder
[email protected]



"Storyteller's Campfire's LIVE event in Manson was a great opportunity to bring a great message directly to the world through local voices.  The staff, as always, presented some amazing stories and helped this beautiful community share theirs.  I am glad I was able to be a part of this "next step" for the organization and hope this was just the beginning of a different kind of LIVE radio show.  Thank you again Storyteller's Campfire for your dedication to literacy through art."


" reminded me that my goal in songwriting and performing is to not only entertain but to open the audiences eye's to different perspectives and trains of thought."

Thank you,


Bob Ustanik
Real Estate Consultant

Tel: (206) 724.3582
Email: [email protected]