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Book of Esther

Stories & History Shaped Our World

Our lives are filled with Writings from Biblical Origin and Creation to Gilgamesh one of the worlds oldest stories of the 7th Century BC in Mesopotamia which tells of; the rise of a King and the transformation of settlements developing into cities introducing Babylonian, Assyrian relations and acknowledgement of a Flood. In crossing paths of writings from Hebrew and Israelite nations, we have myths from the Greeks and tales of war from the Romans, and the rise and fall of many empires. We learn of those who became famous coveting power and those who died who stood in their way. We see the impact of the first Jewish teachers of the Bible and those who followed the teachings of Christ and paved the way of Christianity and those in power who opposed them. Philosophers such as Plato gave voice to the complexities of humankind and writers like Shakespeare who weaved the fabric of words into plays and drama. We know literary art is a crucial aspect of humanity.

We have the ability to use this gift to teach, explain, entertain and it is vital we continue to do so.

Lady Selah' SuJuris

Storytellers by Robert Fulghum

I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge

I believe that myth is more potent than history

I believe dreams are more powerful than facts

I believe hope always triumphs over experience

I believe laughter is the cure for grief

I believe love is stronger than death