Storytellers Campfire Radio


Newest Host, Welcome to the Campfire Circle!

I. B. Gumnut Host of Gumnut Entertainment December 2016

Sedona Deb Host The Bee In Eden Show 2016

Show Host

John Nuckel Host Wake Up and Dream

Author of the Trilogy: The Vig; GRIT, Blind Trust

New Show: "Don't Give Up Your Day Dream "Transitions in a Transitioning World"

Business Owner, Financial Business Management, Blogger, Columnist and Speaker

New York, USA

Isabella Heart Host The Kids Camp on the Books N Ballyhoo Show

Great energy, positive view to the future and lots of fun!

Newest and Youngest Host to join Storytellers Campfire

Show Debut: All Kids Access with Time Magazine & Sports Illustrated

NEW Station Manager  Charlie Checkers 2016

Charlie Checkers

" I am lively and energetic and I have a passion for books and reading since I was a young girl. I am excited to be here at Storytellers Campfire where I can be a part of a team and share with a global audience my love of reading and I have a few fresh ideas for the show as well. As a former business owner in the clothing industry, I have learned that a good experience in whatever industry you are in, is what people remember and will come back to and that is my goal, giving our Guest and listeners a good experience each time they come to the campfire and giving our Sponsors more of an opportunity to be involved in the program.

Two dogs Tinkerbell & Pepper; spoiled doesn't even come close.

My husband and I have nine grandchildren between us which keeps us busy."

Favorite Book:  The Bible  

Second Favorite: Where The Wild Things Are

Dream: Go into missionary work. 

Place I would like to visit: New York, never been.

Love: Singing, Karaoke 

Email: [email protected] 

Communications Director 2016

Lady Selah' SuJuris is the Communications Director and will be Hosting occassionally for the Rare Book Series and Golden Ark of Treasure

Lady Selah SuJuris

Writer / Poet: Natures Trill Springs Life

Community Project: MoonWaters Garden


Email: [email protected]

Rich Gehlhausen StoryTales Host & 

Part-Time Host on Storytellers Campfire 

Originally from the Pacific Northwest

  • Firefighter
  • Special Investigations
  • Detective 
  • Security Adviser 

Loves reading, researching, Net Flicks (Movie Hound) 

Has 2 Cats One Trouble and the other Double Trouble 

Dream: Join an archaeology research  expedition team on an island and find significant historical objects.

Email: [email protected]


Kathleen Mosley / Occasional Host

Experience in Broadcasting Community safety and educational radio programs. Avid reader and passionate Anime fan!

Hobbies: Baking, Board Games "Monopoly" Computer Games " Mech Warrior" 

Anime: Favorites Outlaw Star 

Enjoys reading murder mysteries and Sci-Fi 

Favorite Place Visited: Munich, Germany 

Place I would like to Visit: Perth Australia 

Favorite Music: Shania Twain 

Loves Japanese Song "Fields of Hope" by Akino