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The Model Millionaire

Friday, May 15, 2015

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Story Tales 

We will be featuring only Stories! This program is for storytellers, and musicians who tell stories through their songs and folks who just have a good story to tell.

There is a strong Storytelling tradition in many lands.

We will feature Storytellers from every Tribe, Nation and Culture.

Here you will experience and hear stories from all over the world.

Show Link:  Story Tales 

 Episode 1: 


 Eposide 2:  Grandmother's Basket "Oh My Look At That Nose"

 Episode 3:  The Fisherman & His Wife

 Episode 4:  Grandmother's Basket   

 Episode 5:  Aesop's Fables

 Episode 6:  Rare Indeed

 Episode 7: Grandmother's Basket      Noises coming out of her basket!

 Episode 8: The Cherokee Legend & The Caterpillar Butterfly Fable


 Episode 10: Grandmother's Basket

 Episode 11: Theatre Of The World

 Episode 12: Grandmother's Basket

All New Episodes will be on StoryTales Radio Show

Zelmo "Big Z" Beaty Tribute to the All Star Pro Basketball Player                                Airs 9/25/13

Lady Selah pays tribute to an American Basketball player and NBA All Star

His performance on and off the court is a story worth telling and worth hearing about.

Join us at the Campfire: Zelmo Beaty Big Z 

Sleep All You Men of Indy's Crew    Show Airs 7/30/13

On the Anniversary date of an unprecedented event in our history, for the USS Indianapolis, Storytellers Campfire Host Lady Selah SuJuris, Rich Gehlhausen and Storyteller, Author Bob Welsh will lend their voices for the Indy crew...join us for this compelling true story....


  Show Link: Sleep  Well You Men of Indy's Crew

  Website Link: Bob Welsh 

Storyteller Bob Welsh                     Show Airs 7/21/13


  Book & CD  "Embers from a Storytellers Mind"

   Show Link:  Storyteller Bob Welsh

2012 Shows

 Fare o Tamtore    Tahitian Dancers 

Interview with the Royal Polynesia Family and Video of Live Event at the Seattle Arts Museum.  

The Global Flood              

On our last Bible Series Show we presented the Ark of Noah and the flood and this show is a follow up presenting what Scientist are saying about the global flood.


Special feature: Biblical Type Floods Are They Real? 

Show Link: 

 One of Natures Most Versatile Plants

   Hosted by Grandmother Mazina        Show Airs  10/10/12

    What can you disinfect with, use as a medical and beauty treatment, eat or drink,     comes in an attractive package and is found all over the world?

   Find out with Grandmother Mazina's Word's of Wisdom ....see you at the Campfire! 

    Show Link: Mother Nature by Grandmother Mazina



Show Airs: 9/30/12 

The Story of The Monad & Train Memrobillia

 Featuring the Train Booklet handed out to passengers to explain the history and the meaning of the public?s fascination with the Logo Design of the Northern Pacific Railway, which appeared on Billboards, ads, stationary, postcards.

·        Featuring a RARE Rule Guide book from 1927 of the NPRC

·        Featuring Post Cards of the NPRC

·        Featuring Stationary Envelopes

·        Featuring The Vista Dome Extra Fine Train Ads

·        Featuring Train Memorabilia Video 

Show Link:  Monad

Link: Video of Train Memorabillia

Noah's Ark Act of Random Kindness

Show Airs July 29, 2012 at 8:00pm Pacific Time

Noah liver over 4, 300 years ago join us at the Campfire for this ancient story!

Marcio Diaz Artist in Bubblism Art

Marcio Diaz Nicaraguan Artist

Archived Show Airs Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Specializing in Bubblism Art

April Blooms

Homer Hickam Author of Crater

Trains Trains And More Trains

Train is the THEME Topic for the Year 2012!

Storytellers Campfire is featuring all kinds of things about trains, history, videos, conductors, trivia, sounds, music, books and professionals in the train industry.

Join us at the Campfire as some of the Host share their experiences with Trains, Trains and more Trains.

Monroe Train Expo 2012  Show Airs on February 27, 2012 8:00pm Pacific Time

Northwest Public Transportation Historical Group

Mary's Big Circus

Fiddletown & Copperopolis Rare Book Series on the Cartoon Book of Trains

The Torah The Law


The Torah, The Law on Storytellers Campfire Rare Book Series

Storytellers Campfire Radio Show starts the New Year with a Special Video of a Rare Torah on Sunday, January 1, 2012.

Storytellers Campfire, which is a radio and internet, based radio show, is honoring their own mission by teaching history, preserving cultural and honoring tradition on their worldwide literacy program, by featuring this program on Sunday. This show is part two of the segment featured last Sunday, December 25, 2011 entitled; The First Human Teacher and The Law which focused on the Biblical Story of Moses, the highlights of his life including; receiving his direct instruction from God (The Ten Commandments) how he became a spokesperson for God, freed the Hebrew slaves of Egypt, and how he came to be the first human teacher of the The Law, to the Israelite Nation.

The LIVE Show will air January 1, 2012 at 8:30 Pacific Time on iTunes/live audio podcast; and the archive show will be available within 24 hours for radio stations to air around the world.

 The stream and archives are available at

Yas Makah


The First Human Teacher & The Law

Show Airs LIVE on December 25, 2011 at 8:30 p.m. Pacific

Family, Historical,  Educational Program

This show in part was inspired by My Book of Bible Stories

Show Link

Special Feature: Rare Book Video

Juliana & PAVA

Show Airs LIVE Wednesday, January 4, 2012 8:00 p.m.

  Pacific Time

Juliana is a singer and an ethnomusicologist. While Russian traditional music is her main passion, she also enjoys performing songs of Bulgarian, Romani (Gypsy), Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and many other cultures and is open to all kinds of vocal art. She also plays many ethnic instruments.

Morning Break at the Campfire with David McAlvany

Join us Thursday, December 22, 2011 at 11:00 a.m. Pacific Time

David McAlvany

World's Leading Financial Management, Advisor discusses Markets and Economy in 2012


Goats Milk Stuff

Show Airs November 17, 2011 at 10:00 Pacific Time      

Show Link The Jonas family and GoatMilkStuff have been featured on NBC?s Today Show.

Join us Thursday Morning November 17 at 10:00am with PJ Jonas as she tells the wonderful story how Goat Milk Stuff came to be. All Goat Milk Stuff offers a wide range of wonderful scents, including popular comfort scented Oatmeal, Milk & Honey and Luv Spell, with its citrus and floral aroma, to Black Raspberry with a hint of vanilla, Clean Cotton with a fresh aroma, Honeysuckle with a hint of jasmine, Lavender and sweet scented Pink Sugary.

From their small Indiana farm, PJ and her husband Jim run Goat Milk Stuff with the help of their eight home-schooled children, aged 4 to 14, each with an age appropriate chore in the business.  Oldest sister Brett helps in the office while the youngest girls, Indigo and Jade, often help to bag soap, while brothers Colter, Emery, Fletcher, Greyden and Hewitt milk and care for the goats. 


Morning Coffee Break at the Campfire with David McAlvany

Show Airs 5/5/11 at 11:00 AM Pacific Time
CEO of International Collectors Associates, a precious metals brokerage, David McAlvany.


David McAlvany is CEO of the McAlvany Financial Companies – International Collectors Associates, ICA Europe, and McAlvany Wealth Management – and is director of the Swiss Corporation, Global Gold. He is a featured speaker on radio programs and at financial seminars around the world, analyzing major events and their impact on the global economy and financial markets. He can be heard weekly on his market commentary with world leaders, bankers, economists, and renowned investors at .
David McAlvany is a graduate of Biola University and an associate member of Keble College, Oxford University, where he studied philosophy and political theory. He later volunteered as an analyst in Chile with The Institute for Liberty and Development – an organization dedicated to providing free market solutions throughout Latin America and the Third World. He went on to achieve honors as a top salesman with Southwestern Company, and gained extensive  business expertise with Morgan Stanley, including with work with start-ups and business financing.

Up-coming Speaking Schedule: 

McAlvany will be speaking at the Las Vegas Money Show as an Editorial 

Speaker (May 9-12, 2011) and the Las Vegas Freedom Fest (July 14-16, 2011)

The Royals Prince Phillip & Kate Middleton by C.W. Cooke

Qoutes from Press Release by Bluewater Productions

As a global audience anticipates the wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton, the biography comic book and graphic novel from Bluewater Productions highlighting their romance is set to hit shelves tomorrow— Wednesday April 27th—two days day in advance of the nuptials.

“The Royals: Prince William & Kate Middleton” written by CW Cooke and penciled by Pablo Martinena, looks to give context to two perceived fairy tale lives and how an eight-year romance flourished in such a fishbowl existence.

“This has been one of Bluewater’s most anticipated biography books,” said Darren Davis, president of Bluewater, “Fans of the royal couple will love this issue for portraying William and Kate as two well-rounded and grounded individuals. But it also has enough pomp and spectacle to match the excitement surrounding the event.”

Article: Press Release

Jesus The Man Who Changed The World

Jesus The Man Who Changed The World

Show Airs Sunday April 10 

This Show is airing 7days prior to Nisan 14, the date in which Jesus died. In the Gospel of John, Jesus, the Passover Lamb, was crucified at the same time the lambs were being slain in the temple, for the Passover. Nisan 14 falls on April 17, 2011 of the Hebrew Calendar. Jesus concluded the first observance of the Lord?s Evening Meal with these words: ?Keep doing this in remembrance of me.? (Luke 22:19) The observance does indeed help us to remember Jesus and his death.

Press Release

Press Release:

Award Wining Author Shelly Peterman Schwarz

 Article written by Yas Makah; The Invisible Children's Show

Press Releases: Article

Invisible Children comes to The Campfire and Host Donates One Thousand Books

Invisible Children

Show Airs: 3/13/11

Ellie Higbee and McLane Harrington, on behalf of Invisible Children, join us at the Campfire and share about their involvement, with one of the largest Storytelling organizations who are educating people about the longest war in history through the famous documentaries. Learn more about Invisible Children" begginings and History and "The Club" who helping out.

Everyone is Invited to attend the Public Event Coming up March 24 from 7 to 9pm at Liberty High School, Renton, WA

Host: Lady Selah SuJuris

Sponsored By: GMA Research/Boeing Air Passenger Research Study

Music By: Greta Pederson Funga Alafia: A Welcoming Song by Children in Africia

To Learn more about Invisible Children :

Lady Selah Promotes Prayer for Gulf

June 27, 2010 Show           

Lady Selah talks about the oil spill and promotes prayer to give hope to people who are feeling hopeless.

Picture Taken off The Gulf Shores, Wave coated in Oil

Lady Selah SuJuris Expresses The Heavyness of Heart from the Oil Spill

See Art Created by Lady Selah   ART        

Click on  Enviro Spider & Engulged FISH


Old Farmer's Almanac on Storyteller's Campfire!

One of America's oldest and most revered books, the Old Farmer's Almanac!


Aaron Bell

The Ojibway Storyteller

Ojibway means: First people, Original people. Aaron Bell of the Ojibway Nation, a First Nation Storyteller. 

Aaron will share the first story of the season, airing on November 22, 2009

Visit: The Ojibway Storyteller

 The World's Fair Preservation Society

Co-President and Founder of the World's Fair Preservation Society Randy Richter, will be appearing as a guest in a series, introducing us to the historical significance to the organization and sharing some enlightening world's fair trivia. Begins airing on November 29, 2009 


Randy Richter, Host of "Out and About" Segment

 The Steamship Virginia V

Captain Dale M. Pederson

Capt?n Dale is starting his 20th year on the Virginia V. His love of the water is inbred in him from his Norwegian Grandfather who was a ship builder in Norway prior to immigrating to America. Capt?n Dales Mother worked on the black ball steamship line on the cruises from Seattle to Alaska before the Second World War. 

Captain Dale, will be joining us on December 20, 2009 and sharing the story about this National Historic Landmark Vessel, as he takes us on a journey back in time to 1922, where it all began.


Article By: Seattle PI on Captain Dale Pederson

Virginia V

 Matthew Moeller

Captn Matt

Sharing some of his Tales Tall and Short in December!

Link: Captn Matt

Time For Kids Magazine Reporter

Brennan LaBrie

Brennan is not only a teen reporter, but he publishes his own Newspaper!


Link: Kid Reporter Brennan La Brie

Scrooge in Theater:

****Airing January 3rd 9:00pm and Reruns January 24, 2010 6 to 7pm****


Raven Dreaming

Gene Tagaban

Gene is a noted Tlingit storyteller and actor, shares his wisdom and talent via, dance, native flute and storytelling.

Visit: Raven Dreaming Productions

Coming December 2009!              


"Circle Of Life" Series Hosted By Trish Knox

Mike Evans

"I am didahalqid (Michael C. Evans), Snohomish.  My deceased mother's name is Laverne Cooper-Evans.  She was the great granddaughter of Mary Jane (Cooper) and John Cooper." 
Mike Evans was born and raised in Port Angeles, WA.  Mike is Chair of the Snohomish Tribe of Indians, Small Tribes of Western Washington and the Blue Heron Canoe.  He is a board member of the Duwamish Tribal Services, Western Washington Indian Employment and Training Program and the Longhouse Heritage Foundation.
Mike is skipper of the Blue Heron Canoe and author of Life In A Canoe.  Here is one of his stories:
What About My Paddle?
You can bad mouth others in the canoe family and I can let it go.  You can bad mouth me and I may be able to tolerate it.  This man did both.  When this man could not get to me, he then bad mouthed my paddle.  That was the final straw.
With most of the anger under control this man was confronted and firmly asked to stop it.  He did.  After the Journey we went our separate paths.  It was several years before we could greet each other with a handshake and say hello.

Airing January 31, 2010


Circle of Life


Native/Indigenous Elders have many gifts to give their communities. One of these gifts is their personal journey around the circle of life that can be mapped from the East of childhood to the South of adolescence to the West of adulthood and to the North of elderhood. These circular threads weave a rich basket that makes each elder unique and valuable. Circle of Life ~ A Storytelling Basket is a framework that supports Elders in giving their gifts of stories.

Elder stories are being told via the Circle of Life ~ A Storytelling Basketradio series that is part of Lady Selah's (Ojibwe Nation) Storytellers Campfire radio program. Listen for us Sunday evenings, 6-7 PM PST on Alternative Talk 1150 AM. Mike Evans was our first guest on the Circle of Life series.


Elder Mike Evans
Chair, Snohomish Tribe 
Skipper, Blue Heron Canoe
Leader, Singing Feet, Youth Cultural Dance Group
Teacher, Lushootseed Language


Elder Alma Chastain, Lummi and
Yakima Nation


Alma Chastain was born July 27, 1927 on the Lummi Indian Reservation. She has five children: Billie Alcayaga/retired vet, Seattle Police; Michael Alcayaga/Seattle Times; Chris Chastain/Seattle Indian Health Board, Elders Program Manager; Theresa Chastain Moore/nurse; Venice Chastain/Seattle Indian Health Board, Perinatal Outreach Specialist. Alma has 11 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren. Indian activism has been a major part of Alma?s life following in the footsteps of her mother and grandmother.

Alma worked as an outreach worker at Seattle Indian Health Board; attended nurse training at Chemawa Indian Hospital in Tacoma; took cosmetology classes to have a beauty shop in her home until she learned about the chemical hazards; waitressed and worked in a nursing home.

Alma retired from the Seattle Indian Health Board in 1977. She and her husband then travelled with their CJ Silversmith business selling silver and turquoise jewelry at powwows and Indian organizations. Alma also attended church, supported PTA, was a charter member of the American Women?s Service League and liked to dance with the Northwest Indian Tribal Dance Club.

In 1970 Alma participated in the planning and action of the takeover of Fort Lawton. She and her children climbed over the fence, were put in the stockade and were part of the Indian invasion that reclaimed a small part of their land according to the Pt. Elliott Treaty. At that time the principal organizer Bernie Whitebear stated, ?We, the Native Americans, reclaim the land known as Fort Lawton in the name of all American Indians by right of discovery.? United Indians of All Tribes is celebrating this 40 anniversary in March 2010.

In 2008 Alma received the Inspire Positive Aging award through Senior Services. She has a glass candy dish with a dragonfly and the words, ?You Inspire Us.? Alma?s inspiration comes from talking to God every day of her life.

Alma, Storytellers Campfire radio program and Circle of Life series thank you for sharing your story with us!



The Path of a Peace Elder

By Anna Halla, Tlingit/Kaasoot Elder

I lived in 38 foster homes. At the approximate age of six I was in yet another abusive home. I was struck in the head with a hammer by the foster parent. I ran off into the woods and ended up at a creek. After laying on the edge of the creek an elderly person spoke to me. She saw that I was injured and told me that she would be right back.

Upon her return she had plants in her hand and she spoke what I thought were prayers because I didn?t understand her language. She then placed the plants on my forehead where I had been struck. She continued with her prayers for a while and when she removed the leaves from my forehead there was the piece from the hammer. She placed that in the creek and bathed my forehead with creek water. She then said more prayers.

Then she started asking me questions in English and I answered them. She asked me what it was that was troubling my heart. I told her about my dream of squares and half circles. I didn?t understand why I had to have the same dream night after night after night. She suggested that I go home and pray with intention to understand the dream. I did so.

The next morning I awoke but I still had that same dream and no answer. I then made my way down to the creek once again and sat watching the fish. Within a short time she appeared once again. I told her that I didn?t get an answer to my dream. Once again she told me to pray; this time with more intention.

That evening I prayed with as much intention as I could bring forth and repeated that prayer until I fell asleep. I awoke one happy girl because that answer did come! My square and half circles joined. The answer was ?I am to see with my heart, I am to hear with my heart, I am to feel with my heart, I am to speak with my heart.? And in that way I will be able to live in the two worlds.

The squares represent the dominant society. You go to a square school, sit at a square desk, have a square book, and after a few years you get a square piece of paper. The Sacred Hoop teachings were outlawed by the dominant society thus breaking the hoop in half. Uniting the half circles and the square brings understanding one to another.

Links for more information for Anna Haala

Seattle Woman